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It is undeniable, something about making your own jam just feels so wholesome. The entire process requires just the right amount of attention, patience, and (dare we say it..) love, that it almost becomes a meditative state - with a sweet reward on the other side for your efforts!

This simple Summer strawberry jam is perfect to make at the start of the season while strawberries are in abundance. I picked up a couple of discounted organic punnets at my local supermarket and felt this was a great way to preserve them and enjoy their flavour all Summer long.

Many jams call for pectin (a natural ingredient that is found in many fruits or can be purchased and added) which helps the jam to set, however this jam uses only three ingredients and does not include added pectin. We will be getting a small natural amount from the lemon. Just keep this in mind throughout your process, as some varieties of strawberries can be particularly watery and you may end up wanting to use additional pectin to assist with setting in this case.

Jam making can be tough to teach online as there are multiple various circumstances that can impact the outcome of your final product. What should you take away from this? The understanding that you need to let go of expectations and perfectionism and enjoy the process regardless.

Anyway, have fun and let's get into it!

These images are Slow Simple Seasonal original photography



Fresh Produce

2 Punnets of 400g Strawberries (Organic)

1 Lemon (Organic)


3/4 Cup Granulated Sugar


Prep - 12 to 24 Hours / Cook - 40 Minutes

Serves - Makes one medium size jar

These images are Slow Simple Seasonal original photography


Step One

Chop the top off all strawberries and ensure any green stem is fully removed. You should end up with between 600-700g of berries. Wash your berries, strain and place in a large bowl. Measure out the sugar and cover the strawberries with it. Leave the bowl covered with a tea towel overnight until ready to use the following day.

Step Two

Decide what consistency you'd like your jam to be. If you want it completely smooth and seedless, blend the mixture until achieved. If you'd like a slightly more texturized jam, take a masher and lightly mash them until the consistency is looser with small chunks throughout. If you prefer the large fruit pieces, just leave as is! The berries will continue to break down during cooking.

Step Three

Take the berry mix and transfer from bowl to a large heavy bottom pot. The mixture should not go past half of the pan in depth, otherwise it may boil over during your cooking process. Set this on a medium heat and slowly bring the boil, stirring while the sugar dissolves.

Step Four

Once a rolling boil has been reached, add the juice of the lemon and stir to combine. Lower the heat slightly however ensure a light boil remains continuous throughout. Leave this to cook for around 30 minutes, stirring occasionally to keep an eye on consistency. You are looking to end the process with a sticky and syrup like consistency.

Step Five

One way to test if your jam is ready is to take a small teaspoon and place on a cold plate. Leave this in the fridge for around 5 minutes while your cooking jam remains on a really low temp. Once you take this out of the fridge, if the consistency seems fairly solid to the touch and 'wrinkles' when touched with your fingertip, your jam will set absolutely fine. If it has remained more liquid or runny you may need to add more pectin. In our case you can try adding some more lemon juice to the mix to help.

Step Six

After cooking, take a clean jar ready for transfer (the best way to prep a jar for jam use is to either have it warm and fresh from a dishwasher clean cycle or wash in warm soapy water, rinse, then place in oven on low heat (around 140c) to dry completely. Ensuring your jar is prepped correctly is important for correct sterilization of your jar and allowing the jam to stay well preserved. Transfer jam to the jar and place the lid on top. Leave to cool to room temperature before storing, and enjoy!


Let us know what you think!

Love, Slow Simple Seasonal

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