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Seasonal Living: Spring has 'officially' Sprung!

Now that we’ve warmly welcomed the passing of the spring equinox, there is an abundance of delights to look forward to (late night sunsets, real-life Vitamin D, and street corners around the country brightened by blooming flowers), just to name a few. But for us over at Fig Tree Lane, the true joy is in the overflowing list of seasonal fruits and vegetables that can now happily begin their sowing and planting stages.

If you’re interested in trying out your green thumb this year, we’ve complied a brief list for you below outlining which items would be best for planting and sowing moving into April, along with some helpful hints to get you going. You’ll also find a list of foods that are ready to harvest now and should be of plentiful supply (try to eat plenty of these while they are available and fresh!), alongside what you can expect to see upcoming.

Foods That Are Ready For Harvest Now:

- Rhubarb (keep an eye on our social medias for rhubarbs being used by Springmount Farm in seasonal jams, and North Coast Chocolates mixing it into delectable bite size chocolate treats)

- Broccoli

- Brussels Sprouts

- Cabbage

- Cauliflower

- Chicory

- Artichokes

- Leeks

- Parsnips

- Winter Salad Leaves

What You’ll Start Seeing More Of:

- Spring Onions

- Radishes

- Asparagus

- Kale

There are plenty of seeds that you can now begin to sow outside (if you’re unfamiliar with how to actual begin this process – check out this very handy article that breaks it down step by step How to Sow Seeds Outdoors (Step-by-Step) - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine and don’t sweat it, it’s very easy!). If you’re not blessed with garden space, you can absolutely follow the same steps with a balcony planter or even a container or individual mason glass jars. Hooray for inclusive gardening!

Seeds That Are Ready For Outdoor Sowing:

- Beetroot

- Carrots

- Swiss Chard

- Summer Cauliflower

- Kohl Rabi

- Lettuce

- Leeks

- Radish

- Turnip

- Spring and Pickling Onions

- Peas

- Spinach

Early Spring a great time to plant onion, shallots and garlic (and if you’re anything like us, there’s few things more pleasant for the senses than homegrown garlic. If interested, check out this helpful article of simple garlic growing tips How to grow garlic | Ideas & Advice | DIY at B&Q)

It also happens to be an ideal time to plant pot grown fruit trees and bushes. We are low-key obsessed with this mini orange tree spotted at B&Q recently for £18.

View it online here: Calamondin orange tree in 14cm Pot | DIY at B&Q

Finally, A Quick Spotlight On Rainbow Carrots

We are having a big moment of appreciation for these beautiful carrots, and are excited for the unique spin they bring to the Easter festive feels. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one of our limited Easter bundles (yay for you!), you’ll notice you’ve been gifted a rainbow carrot planter – all ready to pop straight into your pot or garden. We’ve got some helpful growing notes below to ensure you get the best of your product, and end up with sweet tasting carrots in a variety of colours that have the perfect juicy and tender texture to brighten up salads, soups and stir-fries.

1. Carrots require an open, sunny site and well-drained soil. If your soil is too shallow or stony, you may find yourself with stunted or forked carrots. You can still absolutely use a container or jar, however just keep an eye on everything and move your carrots to deeper soil to encourage further growing if necessary.

2. If planting more than one, spread out the seedlings aiming to keep them about 3inches apart.

3. Water frequently to keep the soil damp.

4. Your carrots will need approximately 12 weeks from planting (maybe more – just keep an eye on them).

5. They will be ready to harvest as soon as they’re large enough for use!

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